Matador R

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Matador is now 20 years old and it is shifting its sights back towards the beginning of it all, to the origin of life. In its Volume R, this magazine of culture, ideas and trends delves into botany with a fascinating survey of this science via reproductions of historical documents, unpublished drawings, photographs and texts. Matador R presents historical gems such as the works of Arcimboldo and reproductions of Carolus Linnaeus' Systema Naturae, Tadeo Haenke's colour palette and the drawings from Ruiz and Pavo n's historical expedition to Peru. Along with them, the magazine also features texts by classic authors (Ramo n y Cajal, Alexander von Humboldt and Aime Bonpland), contemporary experts (Jose Carrio n, Tod Stuessy and Pedro Jornado) and of course photographers (Imogen Cunningham, Paul Strand, Helene Schmitz, Rodney Graham, Stephen Gill and Rose Chalalai Singh). Bele n Gopegui, Llucia Ramis, Andre s Iba n ez and Aixa de la Cruz provide the literary reflections.


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